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An ethically focused artisan studio making piercings for every size and shape.

Pick Your Post: Wear what you like, not just what fits!

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Responsible Sourcing

Making things is a process involving lots of bits and bobs made all over the world and combining them to create something special. At MYM we work obsessively to re-purpose whenever possible. When we can’t, we prioritize suppliers with environmentally and/or socially beneficial practices. 

Because customers are paying for labor, not exclusivity, we are happy to prove our sustainability by being transparent about sourcing. This work is unique and valuable, so there’s no reason for artisanal gatekeeping. 

Many earrings sitting on a leaf
Packaging made out of cereal boxes

Repurposed Packaging

Bubble mailers can’t be recycled. Foil jewelry boxes and tiny polyester bags can’t be either. Therefore, at MyM all our packaging is made up of materials given a second life before they’re recycled or thrown away.

Mind Your Monsters is constantly collecting clean used mailers to repurpose. If you’ve got a supply, we are interested and will pay for shipping!

MyM is still searching for someone to partner with in the creation of die-cut jewelry boxes from cereal boxes. I’ve got designs, a collection of boxes, and employees ready to prep them. I just lack access to the industrial equipment. 

Customized Production

Made-to-order means that there’s no wasted parts from meeting factory minimums. This kind of alternative production method is usually only reserved for extremely valuable high-end jewelry. Mind Your Monsters, instead, makes designs in sterling silver and lower karat golds to provide fine-jewelry quality at an accessible price point.

Why solid (recycled) gold & never gold plating?

Jewelry, especially constantly worn pieces, can get dulled. Solid metal designs make polishing and repair nondestructive, so your jewelry doesn’t have an expiration date. Costume jewelry is, generally, not possible to repair or recycle. MyM always endeavors for all pieces to be easy to return to like-new condition, and the precious metals retain recycling value once they’re no longer being used.

An image of a notebook with custom earring pieces set on it to match up to their orders. Many are in pin vices for polishing

MyM Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Jewelry Blanks

Starting around 2013 Sara began working to engineer the highest-quality labret post blanks on the market. The past decade has involved thousands of dollars of iterations and redesigns, but its been worth it.

All the posts are carefully designed to be as interchangeable as possible to make changing sizes simple. 16 gauge and 18 gauge internally threaded posts can be mixed and matched to cut down on wasted parts.

Press fit posts are interchangeable between 20, 18, and 16 gauges with .5mm pins.

The image on the left is some retired posts. Current MyM threadless posts are smoother, have flat bottoms, and each post’s internal diameter is the same regardless of gauge.

Extinct and Extant Projects

Lots of things have been made over the years, and all of these skills
still come into play in the design and management of Mind Your Monsters

One of a kind custom gauged earrings on surgical steel internally threaded posts. These were made out of unique castings of succulents in sterling silver.
Memorial jewelry for customers using natural materials from important places in their lives.
MyM doesn’t steal art so all the graphic design is done by hand in illustrator.
Before starting MyM, Sara worked as a designer creating information graphics for researchers at OSU. All the diagrams for choosing earring posts are inspired by this prior work.
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