About Mind Your Monsters

Sara Klips

Sara began the process for creating Mind Your Monsters 2009 when she had a hard time finding hypoallergenic flat-backed jewelry with cute designs to wear in her piercings. She started making her own, designing improved blank posts, and selling the extras to fund the project.

Years later, Sara found out that she had a permanent disability that prevented her from following her original plans of designing science museum exhibits. She finished her degree in zoology at the Ohio State University with minors in art and entomology. And, upon graduation, pivoted and began focusing on making things full-time. She uses her background in science to help understand the chemistry behind metalsmithing and how jewelry interacts with the body.

She continues to do science outreach as a volunteer, and thrives by helping people better understand the world around them. Ask her about bugs and she will not stop talking.

The Team

garden, sparrow, bird-6097539.jpg

John Doe

Melinda Long (She/Her)
Packaging Production

She makes the sustainable packaging possible! Without her help it wouldn’t be possible for Sara to keep up with everything. Lindy is also a master gardener and expert in native plant propagation.

hairpins, glass, fused glass-262378.jpg

John Doe

Shana Scott (She/Her)
Packaging/Production Asst.

Shana helps with lots of the packaging of orders and is training to help produce some jewelry in the future. She’s a skilled artisan in her own right and can be found at many shows around Columbus.

John Doe

The Dog

Monty is a melancholy rescue dog whose sole goal in life is to make it harder for Sara to get work done. His favorite activities include herding the tortoise, blocking doorways, and being handsome.

John Doe

25 lbs of Pure Destructive Power

Breaker of Hearts. Destroyer of Yards. Magpie is a perpetually enthusiastic rescue dog whose primary goal in life is to stalk Monty. She’s has a (literally) award winning sniffer and wants to play ball. Right now.

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